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Implementation of GDPR

Posted on Sun May 27th, 2018 @ 8:14pm by Captain Alice Griffin

Hey All,

As many of you have seen a new law went into effect within the European Union last Friday that significantly expands the control persons have over their data. As the USS Scorpio is both hosted within the European Union and services residents of the European Union I have taken the steps to bring us into full compliance. As such we have implemented wide-ranging privacy policies. These can be found at and bring us into compliance with not just the European laws but also those of most democracies such as Canada and the United States.

It is now also possible for a user to delete their account when resigning from the Scorpio. I have already deleted all user accounts that were placed on an inactive state before.

While the law is aimed at Europeans, I have taken the step to implement its safeguards for all our users.


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