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Lieutenant Commander Leland Rogers

Name Leland Angus Rogers

Position Commander, Air Group

Second Position Squadron Leader

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Birthdate June 29th, 2358
Birthplace Saint Louis, Missouri, North America, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 178cm/5'10"
Weight 75kg/165lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Lee has an athletic build which he maintains with a regimen of exercise and proper diet.


Spouse Dating Lieutenant Commander Harriett Callander
Children Aquilina Callander, daughter of the woman he is dating
Father Anthony Rogers
Mother Wilma Rogers
Brother(s) William; Second Officer aboard the luxury passenger liner SS Oasis of the Stars
Sister(s) Karen Bennett (nee Rogers); Teacher at Harry S. Truman High School
Other Family David Bennett; Superintendent for the Webster Groves School District (brother-in-law)

Kara Bennett (niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lee believes in building a rapport with everyone he works with, regardless of rank or position.

Personal History/Background Information Leland Angus Rogers (Lee to his close friends) grew up with one goal in life. He wanted to be a pilot, but not of a lumbering starship pilot. No, Lee wanted to fly a sleek aerospace fighter. Zipping in and out among the stars.

Lee's years in high school revolved around sports and academic success, especially in math and science. He was an exceptional student and even graduated a year early, just before his 17th birthday. An excited and eager Lee reported to Starfleet Academy one month after his 17th birthday to join the Freshman Class of 2375-76; just after the end of the Dominion War.

Lee found Starfleet Academy to be challenging, but highly rewarding. His study focus in Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering always taking a priority. Lee did make time for extra curricular activities such as the Academy fencing team and theater troupe, with gymnastics as a side interest.

Lee went to the Advanced Aviation Course immediately after graduation from Starfleet Academy for a grueling year of flight and physcial training that left no time for other pursuits.

Lee came aboard the USS Sovereign with significant flying ability, but a very cocky attitude earning him the call sign Buckaroo. He found himself on what was supposed to be a routine patrol as wingman to his flight leader when the pair found themselves jumped by a flight of fighters operated by Orion Pirates. Though each of them scored a kill, Lee's wingman was fatally injured in the attack. The sobering experience caused him to lose some of his cockiness.

Lee's next assignment came when a slot opened up for a flight leader position at Starbase 375. He focused his efforts on training himself and his flight team to always work together as he vowed to never lose another wingman ever again. He logged nearly endless hour in the cockpit and the simulator, earning him a chance to attend the prestigious Top Gun School to train with and by the best fighter pilots Starfleet had.

Lee went back to space again as a squadron commander aboard the USS Akira. Serving in a border conflict with a breakaway faction of the Romulan Star Republic following the destruction of the Romulan homeworld.

Lee's last assignment was to Deep Space Nine as the Deputy CAG for a Strike Fighter Wing and assisted the CAG in the day to day operations and training of the starfighter air group. Now with the slot opening up for a CAG position aboard the Scorpio, he has been given the chance to 'fleet up' and assume command of the fighter force aboard that fine ship.
Service Record August 2374 - June 2378: Starfleet Academy Core and Branch Curriculum, Cadet

July 2378 - June 2379: Starfleet Academy Advanced Aviation Course, Starfighter Aviation Student

July 2379: Shore Leave on Earth

August 2379-July 2381: USS Sovereign, Valkyrie Aviator

August 2381: Shore Leave on Risa

September 2381-September 2384: Starbase 375, Flight Leader/Squadron Deputy Commander

October 2384: Shore Leave on Earth

November 2384-April 2385: Aviation Combat Maneuvering Course 'Top Gun', Student

April 2385-March 2387: USS Akira, Squadron Commander

March 2387: Shore Leave on Bajor

April 2387-September 2388: Starbase Deep Space 9, Deputy Commander, Air Group

September 2388-Present: USS Scorpio, Commander, Air Group