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Lieutenant Commander Korin Andrews, MD

Name Korin Andrews, MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Birthplace Little Rock, Arkansas, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Korin is is of average height for a human male, he has a athletic build. His crystal blue eyes are his favorite feature. He works very hard to keep his body in the shape it is in and likes to keep his appearance fresh


Father Kevin Andrews, MD
Mother Jessica Andrews, MD
Brother(s) Lieutenant Machel Andrews - Chief Security/Tactical Officer - USS Prometheus

Personality & Traits

General Overview Korin is a very dedicated and intelligent young Starfleet officer. One of the most friendly people you will ever meet, Korin can get along with almost anyone. A fun loving guy when off duty, he enjoys spending time with friends or alone. As a physician in Starfleet Doctor Andrews would give his life for his fellow crew or to protect the people of the Federation.

Personal History/Background Information Korin was born on a stormy night in the largest medical facility in the south, the rain actually relaxed his mother and helped her through childbirth. The Andrew’s family were the proud parents of a sweet baby boy. Kevin and Jessica Andrews couldn’t have been happier with their family. Their oldest son in the waiting room with Jessica’s parents, just a year older, his brother Michael.

Just a few weeks later Kevin and Jessica would return to their normal routine of work and home life, while Jessica’s parents stayed in Little Rock to help with the new born baby. It seemed like the first years of Korin’s life flew by, before his parent knew it he was walking and then talking and both of their children seemed to be happy, healthy boys. Growing up in the Andrews household was pretty typical, the children were pretty spoiled and had everything they could ever need. Kevin was a private physician in one of the largest hospitals in the south and Jessica a teacher at the very school her children would attend.

Both the boy's went to a private school and did very well all through school, they kept decent grades all through their primary school years and would both boys took a liking to sports. The Andrew’s boys were your typical teenage boys. They both played different sports and were of average popularity among their peers. The boys considered themselves lucky that they were so close in age, but it also sometimes drove them nuts. Korin ended up getting slightly depressed the year his brother graduated and went off straight to Starfleet Academy to start basic studies.

When the Andrew’s boys were reunited at the Academy they couldn’t have been happier and you couldn’t have separated them if they weren’t in class. As the two advanced through their basic studies they were Korin had always been interested in science and decided to pursue a path with Starfleet Medical. When it was time for Michael to make the decision he followed his heart and went with security and tactical. That same year Michael met some new friends his division and started hanging out with them quite a bit. Korin took the time alone to bury his head in the books.

Michael and Korin grew further apart when Korin entered his first year of residency and met a young resident named Sara. Sara and Korin studied together and made excellent marks in their residency. Korin would be crushed one day when he found his brother and Sara making out in her dorm room. At this time Korin immersed himself in his studies and surpassed much of his class, graduating in the top five percent of that years Medical Officers.

Korin was a medical officer aboard the USS Arkansas, he found it kind of funny that he was from Arkansas and his first assignment bared the same name. As an Ensign and a green officer Korin took every opportunity to learn from the more experienced Medical Officers and would often work double shifts just for the experience. Doctor Andrews served aboard the ship for the next two years before he was transferred to a hospital ship the USS Charles Drew.

This was a life changing experience for him, it showed him how important his role on a starship was. He would advance in his three years aboard the Drew as the crew had nicknamed her to Assistant Chief Medical Officer. The Medical team aboard the Drew had seen many medical emergencies, but when the ship was destroyed when trying to rescue the crew of a supply vessel and was caught in the epicenter when it exploded it damaged the Drew and the crew were forced to abandon ship.

Korin spent two weeks in a star base medical bay before being returned to active duty. He had been reassigned to the USS Arkansas as Chief Medical Officer and would serve on the Arkansas for the next several years until the ship was docked for a refit, as he walked off the Arkansas onto the starbase his PADD lit up and it was his next assignment. He thought ‘no rest for the wicked’.

Starfleet decided to reassign all officers from the Arkansas to the USS Proxima, but a few that Command thought would be better utilized elsewhere. Korin was one of those officers and he was moved into the position of Chief Medical Officer aboard Starbase one forty two, this was a change for Korin as he was used to being on smaller and mobile assignments. After only two years Korin requested a transfer back to a starship and was assigned as Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Scorpio a well equipped vessel to say the least. The Chief Medical Officer was thrilled to be over seeing the latest design of Starfleet sickbay.

Service Record Starfleet Medical Academy
USS Arkansas - Medical Officer
USS Charles Drew - Medical Officer
USS Charles Drew - Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Arkansas - Chief Medical Officer
Starbase 142 - Chief Medical Officer
USS Scorpio- Chief Medical Officer