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Sytar Jackson

Name Sytar Jackson

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan / Human
Age 40
Birthdate 2347

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Hazel


Spouse It's complicated
Father Marcus Jackson
Mother Silar
Brother(s) Dominic Jackson (Half brother)
Sister(s) T'Pree (Half sister) - Presumed dead

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sytar is a rather difficult person to get along with. She is sarcastic, quick to anger and isn't afraid to voice her opinions. If you're an idiot, she'll let you know. Sytar is a person who prefers to get straight to the point. She sees herself as an individual and refuses to be defined by her dual heritage.

Sytar was once a very dedicated engineer who threw herself into her work to the point where very little was able to distract her. She still pursues her interest in holographics.

Personal History/Background Information Sytar's parents divorced a few years after she was born. Her childhood was divided between Vulcan and Earth and her education consisted mostly of home schooling from her mother and a tutor on Earth.

She had intended to attend Starfleet Academy but her mother persuaded her to attend the Vulcan Science Academy. Within days the faculty soon realised that she was not suited for Sciences and politely suggested Starfleet Academy to her. Sytar happily agreed and transferred to Earth. There she majored in Engineering and specialised in Holgraphic Design.

After graduating Sytar's first assignment was as an Ensign on the USS Marlana, a medical vessel. In 2377 she transferred to the USS Millennium. Due to the intelligence gathering nature of the vessel she received several quick promotions to Lieutenant Commander and the position of Chief Engineer. While there she became involved with the Intelligence Chief, Patrick "John" Mason. Mason, however, wasn't what he seemed and in 2379 he disappeared. Sytar resigned from Starfleet to search for him.

In 2384 Sytar boarded Archimedes as the assistant of the prominent holographic scientist, Doctor Luton Powell. After helping to catch and delete the deranged hologram it was revealed that Sytar had been employed by Starfleet Intel to spy on him. The Captain of the Archimedes offered her a position on his ship and she was contracted to the position of Holographics Specialist.

During a mission Sytar assisted Jakob Turner and an associate in stealing Archimedes. She was later arrested for her crimes and sent back to earth to await trial. That is she would have, had she arrived. Instead she was shuffled away by Starfleet Intelligence and reassigned. She was meant to be assigned as an undercover operative on USS Merrimack, however due to unexpected circumstances though she finds herself on Kepler Station. Her cover was as Petty Officer 2nd Class T'Raia, an enlisted Engineer.

Sytar completed that assignment without incident and has spent the last couple of years doing nothing of great importance. Realising that perhaps the man she had chased across the universe was gone for good—or at least not worth it—she resigned from SFI. Wanting to start her life over, Sytar used her contacts to obtain the necessary documentation to set up as a Lounge Manager on board a Starfleet vessel.