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Earliest Days Part Twp

Posted on Thu Nov 29th, 2018 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant Jonathan Forrest

Mission: Episode 4 - Brave New Worlds
Location: USS Venture
Timeline: Eighteen Years Ago

/=\ USS Venture 18 Years Ago/=\

Previously in Part One
“Thanks, mom I love you,” he said, a bright smile on his young face.

Alex looked awkwardly up at Marcie but made no move towards her.

It hurt her that Alex made no move towards her, but she wasn’t going to let anyone see that. Nor was she going to try to ask him to come to her. She did, however, move closer to him and looked down at him with a smile, offering her hand to him to hold.

And now the continuation:

Alex took her hand. She could feel his fear and uncertainty in the tight grip on her fingers. Then he gave her an uncertain hug, wanting the support but being too worried to ask.

She bent down and hugged him tightly. “I love you my little Alex, you have no idea.”

Alex hugged her tighter, glad that what he was doing wasn’t wrong. “I love you, too, mommy. I wish you could come with us,” he voiced, all too aware of what was happening.

“I know Alex,” she said, “but I’ll be okay here and your mother and Jonathan will be with you and you’ll be safer there. I want you to be safe. I will always love you my little one.”

Alex squeezed her tighter. "Please be safe," he encouraged.

“I love you, too.” Jennifer smiled wide back at Jonathan. She lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “Will you do me and your mommy a favor? Will you look after your little brother while we’re at our debriefing? He gets nervous sometimes and it would help if you can be big and strong for both of you. Can you do that for me?”

A big smile crossed his face. “Of course mommy. I’m a big boy now. I will take care of Alex. I promise. You can count on me.”

“I know I can.” Jennifer kissed her son’s forehead and then stood and pressed the door chime to Topher’s room.

Jonathan held tightly to Jennifer’s hand as the door to Topher’s quarters slid open.

A tall broad-shouldered, ginger-haired and bearded man, with a three-year-old girl held in his hands, stepped aside so they could enter. “Come in, come in,” he said, “Hey Johnny, and hello young man, you must be Alex. How are you?”

"I'm--I'm okay," he said to the man, his eyes drifting over to the little girl in her arms. "Hi, I'm Alex," he greeted, even though she was a real little kid, it seemed the polite thing to do.

She gave him a dimpled smile, safe in her papa's arms. “I’m Calley,” she replied.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Calley,” Alex greeted warmly. He looked up at the redhead holding her. “And you too, Mr. Topher.”

“I echo that sentiment,” Jennifer said with a smile. She offered Topher her hand. “I hear you’re the one keeping my wife out of trouble.”

“It’s a Herculean task at times,” he replied with a conspiratorial wink, “but I’m up for it.”

“Hey babe,” another older man said as he came in from what must have been a bedroom. “Oh, hi, I didn’t know our guests had arrived. Do you want to take Calley?”

“Hey, Uncle Will,” Jonathan said as he ran towards the man wearing a red tunic.

Marcie gave both men a brief nod and took Jennifer’s hand. “Come along love, we have a lot to catch up on.”

Jennifer spared one last, loving glance at her children, and then eagerly followed her wife.

As soon as the door closed, Alex started to feel overwhelmed. There were two men here he had never met before, a little girl, and Jonathan, the brother he barely knew. Where Jonathan ran and hugged Will, Alex took a step back. He looked around the room, noting the elements that were familiar: the kind of furniture, the replicator in the wall. And noting the ones that weren’t: toys spilled out on the floor, the art, the large monitor on one of the walls. He wanted Francine again so he had something familiar, some anchor to latch onto.

Jonathan released his grip on Will and started to run over to tell Topher his latest idea about how the Federation could win the war when he remembered the promise to his mom to be the big brother and to protect Alex. So, he detoured away from the yeoman and over to where Alex was standing.

“I’m just going to sit her down,” Topher said to his partner.

When he did sit her down she ran over to both boys taking hold of each of their hands.

“Can you play with me?” she asked.

Alex looked at Jonathan uncertainty and then back down at Calley. "Yes. What would you like to play?"

“I don’t know, the three-year-old replied, “we could watch a holovid, Zootopia 26, or Jon Jon plays horsey with me, or we could play with my toys or my dollies. What do you want to play with, what is your name, are you new to the ship, will you be staying with us, you’re kind of cute, what’s your name?”

Jonathan just shook his head and grinned.

Her rapid-fire questions caught Alex even more off guard, as did the comment about him being cute. He decided to start by addressing her questions. "I'm Alex. I'm--I'm Johnny's brother. We're just here for a little while. I've never played horsey or with dolls. How do you play?"

“Oh, well horsey….” Jonathan started to say before Calley looked up at him putting one tiny finger up to her lips.

“No, Jon Jon, me tell him.” Then as Jonathan rolled his eyes good-naturedly at her, she turned and looked up at Alex, “Well I’m the jockey Alex. Jon Jon is the horsey and I get on his back and we ride around, but he makes funny horsey sounds. Do you want to be the horsey? I could ride on you, I bet you make better horsey sounds than Jon Jon.”

"I don't think so. I make a pretty terrible horse." Where most of his male classmates made great sound effects of animals and phasers and starships, Alex's sounded terrible and were barely recognizable for what they were intended to be.

Calley frowned, just for a moment. “Well, we could play with my dollies then. Jon Jon doesn’t like playing with them much. “But there’s Sarah, and Emily, and my favorest one Katey. Would you play with me? We can have a tea party if you want. I’ll even let you pick the dolly you want to play with.”

Jonathan shrugged his shoulders and mouthed the words, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

"It's okay," Alex said aloud. "Sure," he told Calley who grinned with delight and dragged Alex over to the pile of toys.

He knelt down beside them and started looking at the mess of dolls and stuffed animals. He picked up the doll who had dark skin and curly hair, a lot like his mom and him. "What's her name?"

“Oh, that’s Katey, my favorest one. But you can play with her. I’ll play with Emily and Jon Jon can play with Sarah.” Twirling around a couple of times, she bent down and got her other two dolls. She handed Jonathan an Asian appearing doll and kept one that looked Vulcan for herself.

“Okay,” she explained, “All the dollies are friends and they are all going to meet in the Starnight Lounge, and sit down and have tea and crumpets. But I don’t know what crumpets are, daddy hasn’t told me yet. Do you know what crumpets are Alex?”

Jonathan was doing his best to be polite, but he couldn’t help but roll his eyes, as he rather reluctantly took the offered doll and held it in his hand awkwardly.

"Crumpets are like cakey biscuits. You dip them into your tea," Alex supplied, pushing his glasses higher up on his nose. The young boy seemed to have no feelings about playing dolls one way or the other. He wasn't displeased like Jonathan but he wasn't eager and excited like Calley. "Okay, so who should arrive at the lounge first, Sarah, Katey, or, Emily?"

She thought for a minute and pointed at Jonathan. “Sarah should go in first. Then Emily and Katey because they’re best friends and they’re cousins.

Alex smiled. He didn’t argue that a Vulcan and a Human weren’t likely to be cousins or that a Vulcan wouldn’t be named “Emily.” “So Sarah should go in first and place an order,” Alex said to his brother, both he and the toddler looking at him expectantly.

“Hmph,” the young boy said, but walked off to one corner, carrying the doll.

Calley took hold of Alex’s hand. “Can the dollies hold hands?” she asked.

“Of course, they’re best friends, aren’t they?” It wasn’t easy to do one handed but Alex brought the hand of the Katey doll to the Emily doll’s hand and held them together between his index finger and thumb. “Emily, I’m thirsty,” Alex began in a slightly higher pitched voice, bobbing the Katey doll head as he spoke. “Can we get a drink somewhere?”

Calley grinned hugely, “I’m thirsty too,” the toddler responded, “why don’t we go inside and get some tea. Sarah is supposed to meet us there.”

Jonathan was trying to be polite, and he did like playing with Calley. Just not dolls. Without changing the pitch of his voice he said, “Hi girls, I’ve been saving you a seat.”

"Why thank you, Sarah." Alex walked his doll over and moved her as if she was taking a seat. "I think I'll have the green tea...."

The children played together for hours: first dolls, then Jonathan ran Calley around like a horse while Alex cheered them on. Then the kids watched one of Calley's videos, the three of them passing out in a pile on the couch. That was the condition Jennifer and Marcie found them in when they returned.

"Thank you so much," Jennifer whispered to Topher and Will. She had only just met both men but she gave each a hug anyway. "We really appreciate it. We have a transport to catch soon. Will one of you and Calley be joining us?" She assumed the answer was yes. Children and most civilians were being evacuated off of any starship that would be on the front lines.

“Yes,” Topher said, “Will will be taking Calley with you. She’ll be staying with his parents on Luna. I’d love for him to stay there too, but he’s our ship’s communication officer, we can’t get by without him, so he’ll be doing a quick turn around. There are a few other families leaving with you.”

Will came into the living area from the couple’s bedroom, carrying two large bags. “Hey Calley,” he said, “It’s time to say goodbye to poppa. You and daddy have to go see grandma and grandpa. I’ve got a special holovid for you to watch while we go.”

Lt. Jonathan Forrest
Squadron Leader
USS Scorpio
(young Jon, Calley, Marcie)

Kristine Chester (Alex Jennifer)


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