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Earliest Days Part Three

Posted on Fri Nov 30th, 2018 @ 4:24pm by Lieutenant Jonathan Forrest

Mission: Episode 4 - Brave New Worlds
Location: USS Venture
Timeline: Eighteen Years Ago

/=\USS Venture Eighteen Years Ago/=\

Previously in Part Two
“Yes,” Topher said, “Will will be taking Calley with you. She’ll be staying with his parents on Luna. I’d love for him to stay there too, but he’s our ship’s communication officer, we can’t get by without him, so he’ll be doing a quick turn around. There are a few other families leaving with you.”

Will came into the living area from the couple’s bedroom, carrying two large bags. “Hey Calley,” he said, “It’s time to say goodbye to poppa. You and daddy have to go see grandma and grandpa. I’ve got a special holovid for you to watch while we go.”

And now the continuation:

Calley looked up suddenly from her spot on the floor. She stood up, then started to cry. She ran towards Topher and put both arms around his leg, clinging to him as tightly as she could, now crying louder than ever.

Marcie, blinking back a tear, walked towards her sons and hugged them both. “You be good,” she said to them both, “and know that your mother loves you.”

Alex hugged her back tightly. The little boy wasn't crying, but that didn't mean he wouldn't miss her.

Jonathan hugged held onto the hug just a little longer than his brother, then took Alex’s hand

As Marcie walked the boys over to her, Jennifer hugged her wife and kissed her. "You call me every chance you get and you be careful," she told her. Gently, she took the boys' hands from her wife.

“I will be careful,” Marcie responded. “Take care of the boys for me. I will see you soon.

Topher was finally able to pry Calley off his leg and handed her over to Will with a final hug. “It’s okay, you go with daddy now,” he said to her. It won’t be long before we’re all back together. Remember Papa loves you.”

Calley now clung to Will’s neck as tenaciously as she’d been holding onto Topher’s leg, as he carried her out into the hall along with Jennifer and the two boys.

Since her and Alex’s bag were already aboard the transport, Jennifer slung Jonathan’s bag over one of her shoulders and helped Will with one of his bags, since an arm was occupied by Calley. She then took a hold of Jonathan’s hand and told him to hold tightly to his brother. Then they moved as a unit down to the transporter room.

Jonathan did hold tightly to Alex’s hand. The two boys had vastly different complexions but their hands were almost identical in size at that point.

Calley calmed down slightly and five minutes after they had transported over she was asleep in her daddy’s arms.

The transport was crowded with families fleeing the front lines. It would be a five-day trip back to Earth. Five days with Starfleet field rations, and multiple families crammed into a single room. Will and Calley ended up in the same room as Jennifer and the boys. The adults would let the children sleep in the cots assigned to them, while they took the floor, protective of their charges.

Alex didn’t much care for the conditions of the transport but knew they didn’t have a lot of choices. The one good thing was his mom let him have Francine from his bag. He clung to his stuffed elephant more during the journey and even shared her with Calley when the little girl was scared and played dollies or patty cake, and other games often to distract her. Likewise, he tried to help with Jonathan. They played a few games of shuttlecraft, even getting Calley to take part, although she wasn’t very good according to Jonathan.

Jonathan for his part did his best to be brave. After all, he was the older brother, by a whole month, and both of his mothers had reminded him of this All the games they played not only served as a distraction to Calley and his brother but to him as well.

After two and a half days, with everything, at least for the kids, seeming calm and normal, he began to feel not only normal but bored.

Calley had asked about her papa a couple of times and wanted to sleep on the floor with her daddy, but otherwise was unperturbed.

Early the next morning, around 0400, long before any of the passengers should have been awake, the red alert klaxons began to sound and the ship could be felt to start taking evasive actions.

No stranger to such actions, Jennifer woke up immediately. Her natural response was to head to a battle station, but she quickly realized she had no such thing aboard the transport. Not knowing what was happening outside of their quarters ate at her, not being able to help.

Alex woke up as well and fumbled around for his glasses, knocking them to the floor. “Are we under attack?” he voiced the concerns of everyone around him.

“I think so, baby. It’s okay though. The Captain and the crew are going to get us out of danger,” Jennifer promised. She sat down on the cot with her boys and clung to them both.

This was not the first time that Jonathan had heard a klaxon either. It had happened several times on the Venture, but his mother’s ship had been bigger and he’d felt safer there. He tried not to show it too much, but he welcomed the hug from his mom.

Calley sat up in bed holding her hands over her ears and calling for her daddy and her poppa. Will took hold of her holding her close and whispering reassurances in her ear.

The wail of the alarm slowly faded and Jonathan had just started to relax a bit when the ship shuddered and shook, then began moving evasively, but this time a little slower and more awkwardly

Jennifer hugged her kids tighter. "It's okay, those are the shields. They're holding," she assured them, wishing for the life of her there was something she could do, somewhere they could go.

The ship shuddered violently again and a new klaxon activated, one Jennifer knew well.

The hull had been breached in this section. Emergency force fields were the only thing preventing depressurization. The Starfleet officer in her said to organize the people calmly out of the room. The mother in her told her to get her children out first.

But it wasn't just her children who were in danger.

"Jonathan, Alex. Come on, get up. We need to go," she instructed. She tapped Will on the shoulder. "Will, this section isn't safe anymore. We need to leave."

Alex fumbled around for his glasses on the floor, holding tightly to Francine the elephant as he did so.

Jonathan let go of his mother’s hand long enough to help Alex find his glasses and handed them to him. He didn’t know what was going on but could sense something different about the people around him. They somehow, at least the adults, seemed more scared than they had been before and some of the kids started screaming. He wanted to scream too, or maybe cry like he heard other kids around him doing.

But, he just bit down on his lower lip. He wasn’t a baby. He had to be strong, he had to be brave. He didn’t feel either strong or brave, but he could at least pretend to be.

Calley had stopped her crying, she’d stopped making any noise really, her eyes wide with a fear she didn’t really understand.

Will appeared calm and collected, but he was far from either. “Calley, you go with Jon Jon and Alex’s mom, daddy just has to help someone.”

Calley spoke then, “No daddy, don’t leave me please, don’t leave me. I luv you, daddy.”

“I love you too dear. It will just be for a minute.” Then turning to Jennifer. “People are starting to panic. I’m the ranking officer here. You take Calley and your boys, get them to an escape pod. I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Jennifer understood. She had felt the same pull, but her boys had no one else waiting for them on Earth, she was all they had. "Hurry."

Knowing she'd put up a fight, Jennifer scooped Calley clear off the ground. "Hang on to Katey, sweetheart. You don't want to lose her. Your daddy will be right behind us," she soothed. She grabbed Jonathan's hand. "Hang on to Alex," she instructed. "Just like we did back aboard the Venture." Then she led them out of their room and into their corridor.

Alex's mouth fell open when he saw the gaping hole where the corridor used to go. Stars flew by and a bug-shaped ship could be seen firing blue beams that shook the ship.

Jennifer didn't stop to admire it. She continued to move forward, pulling Jonathan along, checking behind her every few seconds to make sure Jonathan still had Alex.

“Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look,” Jonathan was saying. He was looking right at his reflection in Alex’s glasses, but he was talking to himself as much as his brother.

Calley took one last look at her daddy before she lost sight of him as the woman holding her and her two friends turned the corner.

Will’s voice though could be heard, yelling out instruction and calling everyone to be calm. The noise was abruptly cut off as the transport pitched violently to one side knocking Jonathan and Alex to the decking and Jennifer against the bulkhead.

Jennifer shielded Calley as they slammed into the bulkhead. The klaxon went off and the transport went eerily quiet in the wake. Jennifer Samuels was an engineer and she realized with horror what had just happened and intimately knew what was going to happen to the transport in the next few minutes. "Get up!" she yelled at her boys, grabbing a hold of Jonathan's arm and hauled him to his feet. "Run!" she ordered as she reached for Alex.

Calley wiggled free and started running back in the direction they had come from, calling out for her daddy at the top of her tiny lungs

Jonathan’s heart was beating faster and harder than he could ever remember it beating. Unlike his mom, he was no engineer, but the look on everyone’s face told him more than he needed to know. His mother had yelled at him to run, and he had never willingly disobeyed either of his mothers, not when it really mattered, before, but when he saw Calley running back the way they had come. He followed her, grabbing her just before she reached where the entrance to the room they had so recently been in. The door had been vaporized and all Jonathan could feel was a searing heat. The entire room, what was left of it was engulfed in flames.

Calley uncaring about the consequences was just trying to find her father. Jonathan grabbed her, picking her up as he turned around and began running back towards his mom and Alex.

Jennifer yelled at Alex to run forward and started back after Jonathan and Calley. Alex stood paralyzed, his little mind unable to process everything that was happening or how to continue on on his own.


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