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Earliest Days Conclusion

Posted on Sun Dec 2nd, 2018 @ 2:51am by Lieutenant Jonathan Forrest

Mission: Episode 4 - Brave New Worlds
Location: USS Venture
Timeline: Eighteen Years Ago

/=\USS Venture Eighteen Years Ago/=\

Previously in Part Three

Jonathan’s heart was beating faster and harder than he could ever remember it beating. Unlike his mom, he was no engineer, but the look on everyone’s face told him more than he needed to know. His mother had yelled at him to run, and he had never willingly disobeyed either of his mothers, not when it really mattered, before, but when he saw Calley running back the way they had come. He followed her, grabbing her just before she reached where the entrance to the room they had so recently been in. The door had been vaporized and all Jonathan could feel was a searing heat. The entire room, what was left of it was engulfed in flames.

Calley uncaring about the consequences was just trying to find her father. Jonathan grabbed her, picking her up as he turned around and began running back towards his mom and Alex.

Jennifer yelled at Alex to run forward and started back after Jonathan and Calley. Alex stood paralyzed, his little mind unable to process everything that was happening or how to continue on on his own.

And now the conclusion:

Jennifer grabbed the struggling Calley from Jonathan and hoisted her up again. The little girl's favorite doll dropping to the deck. "Go, go, go! Grab your brother!" Jennifer ordered, seeing Alex frozen in place. "Follow me." She ran to the end of the hallway ahead of her children, taking stock of their options. She looked back at her boys. "Hurry!"

Calley struggled to get free for several seconds, especially when her doll dropped. Neither boy saw the doll drop to the ground and one of the other fleeing passengers kicked it farther down the hall.

Jonathan grabbed Alex’s arm, “COME ON!” he shouted tugging his brother urging him to follow their mom towards the escape pods.

Jonathan half-dragged Alex behind him as he ran to catch up. Once they were within arm's reach Jennifer took a left and ran down the corridor until she found an open escape pod. "Get in! Get in!" she ordered the boys.

The problem was dozens of civilians were just as desperate to leave. A man in his twenties ran into Jennifer from behind, dragging a woman around the same age behind him. He forced his way past the Starfleet engineer and climbed into the escape pod. "I have children here!" she yelled, immediately frustrated and now trying to block off others from entering the escape pod otherwise there wouldn't be enough room for all of them.

Jonathan and Alex were both thrown against the wall as three teenagers came rushing by shoving and kicking at anyone in their path. Jonathan hit the bulkhead first just above his left eyebrow. He was able to keep hold of Alex, but not his mom.

Calley had stopped trying to fight Jennifer and was now clinging to her.

Alex hit the bulkhead hard on his shoulder, the blow knocking him to the ground, stunning him for a moment, and causing him to drop the stuffed elephant from his grasp.

Jennifer tried to take a hold of the situation. She needed to get the kids to a pod now, but couldn't carry all three. "Everyone stop! I'm a lieutenant commander with Starfleet. We need to reach the escape pods in an orderly--" a loud metallic screech echoed through the ship. The deck beneath them rumbled like an earthquake, throwing everyone about and it didn't stop, just grew more intense.

The teens bounced and fought their way, even knocking Jennifer out of the way as they climbed into the escape pod, the door shutting behind them. Jennifer stood there furious and flabbergasted, but her anger would do her no good.

Calley’s little fingernails dug into Jennifer’s neck. She was crying hysterically and starting to hyperventilate. Her screams, calling for her daddy and her papa had turned to incoherent babbling.

Jonathan’s left eye hurt and was beginning to swell. He wanted to just sit down on the deck and give in. The situation seemed helpless and impossibly chaotic. Adrenaline kicked in, then, fight or flight. He still had a hold on his brother. “I’m not leaving without you,” he told him, get your pet and let’s go.”

He looked desperately around as the screeching grew louder, spotting something as he frantically looked around. “Momma,” he said grabbing at her pant’s leg with his free hand.
Once he had or thought he had her attention, he pointed to a small alcove where two, unused, escape pods sat. With everyone in the corridor in such a state of panic, they had, up until that moment at least, not noticed them. He wanted to shout out, “Over there, over there,” but something caused him not to say anything.

“Good boy.” Jennifer placed a hand on Jonathan’s back and gently moved them over to the escape pods. Alex followed his brother’s instructions exactly. He grabbed up Francine and took his brother’s hand again, following his lead over to the escape pods.

Jennifer popped one of them open, gathering quite a bit of attention from the surrounding, panicked civilians. She urged Jonathan and Alex inside and then passed Calley to Jonathan, her little nails leaving scratch marks on Jennifer’s skin as she didn’t want to let go.

“There’s room in this pod for a few more, does anyone have any children?” Jennifer called back, standing in front of the pod entrance protectively, ready to fight if anyone tried to rush their way past.

“I do! Wait! Please!” Out of the crowd came a woman with a boy a year or two younger than Jonathan and Alex, a girl around Calley’s age, and a baby held tightly to her chest. Jennifer ushered them inside and was pleased to hear someone take claim over the second escape pod and start to organize who else would board it.

Jennifer stepped inside one of the last of the kids was aboard, sealed the door, and pressed the launch button.

Alex sat in shock, hugging tightly to Francine with one arm, to Jonathan’s arm with the other. He stared out the small porthole as they saw the transport grow smaller, one of its nacelles completely separated and the body of it cracked down the middle. The Jem’Hadar fighter flew back around and fired a series of blasts. What was left of the transport exploded, breaking into a million pieces.

Calley, still in a state of panic and shock was flailing her little arms around wildly. One of her hands raked Jonathan’s face. There was a tiny flare of pain; but her nails, were too short, her strength too little, to break his skin. He whispered soothingly in her ear, or at least that is what he thought he was doing, he couldn’t really be sure and five seconds after he spoke, he couldn’t remember what he had said.

She grew still then and stopped screaming, but his efforts had little to do with the change, and it was a hollow victory. She had become catatonic.

Jonathan forgot he was supposed to be the brave older brother when he saw the transport ship vaporized and he recognized, at least at some level, what had just happened. He wasn’t big, he wasn’t brave, he wasn’t the heroic starship Captain, he was just a very scared little boy. With hot tears sliding down his face, he clutched at both his brother and Calley as tightly as he could.

Jennifer turned back to the kids and wrapped her arms around the whole trio as well as she could. Calley’s tears and panic broke her and her eyes began to water. The little girl had just lost her daddy. Such a huge trauma at such a young age.

Alex didn’t cry at all. He sat very still, squeezing his brother’s hand. The bespectacled boy watched the transport explode and almost coldly said. “Will is dead.”

Calley didn’t hear him, she didn’t hear anything, she didn’t even respond to the hug, she was as motionless as the doll she had dropped in the hallway of the now disintegrated transport craft.

After the group hug ended, Jonathan turned to his brother and replied hotly, “They’re all dead stupid.”

Alex was shocked out of his daze. He turned to his brother and shoved him. "Don't call me stupid!"

“What do you want me to call you, genius? Everyone over there is dead. Everyone, don’t you understand that?”

"Not everyone! Other pods were launched!" Alex argued.

"Boys," Jennifer spoke gently, laying a hand on Jonathan's shoulder. "I know it's a lot to take in but don't take your fear out on each other."

Jonathan had been about to come back at Alex with a sharp retort, but his mom’s words stopped him. “I’m sorry mom. Uh, Alex, I’m sorry too. You aren’t stupid. I just never, uh I never…” Then turning back to Jennifer he said, “I don’t want to be a Captain anymore, I don’t even want to be in space. I just want to go home. I just want to be with you and mother. Why can’t we all be together?”

"Because there are bad people out there, Jonathan. People who want to hurt us, who destroyed that transport. Your mother is out there to protect people. And if she wasn't....then one day the bad people will come to Earth or wherever we go. The only thing evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing," Jennifer said.

As if on cue another shape cut through the blackness of space, a large saucer-shaped ship with a pair of nacelles at the back. The ship engaged the fighter, exchanging several volleys before the bug-shaped craft that had destroyed the transport exploded.

Jonathan looked up at his mom. “May... maybe I can be a Captain after all. You’re so brave though mom. I don’t think I could ever be as brave as you.”

"I'm going to tell you a secret, Jonathan. You can't be brave without feeling fear. Braver is doing what needs to be done even though you're afraid," Jennifer told her son. "You were very brave on the transport. You protected your brother, ran after Calley, and it was you who saw the escape pods that saved us. You are incredibly brave."

Alex thought about everything his mother said and felt guilty. His brother may have been brave, but he wasn't. He froze. He didn't know what to do aboard the transport. Everything happened so fast and he had been so scared. He was a coward.

“I barely remember doing any of that mom,” he said, “it is all just kind of a blur. I love you, mom.” He looked over at Alex not liking the look on his brother’s face but not really comprehending the reason for it. “I love you too Alex.”

Alex’s only response was to take his brother’s hand again.

Jennifer concentrated on Calley now. Whispered reassurances to the girl, that she would look after her and get her to her grandparents. That she was safe now.

In the distance, the Federation starship started to retrieve escape pods.

Lt. Jonathan Forrest
Squadron Leader
USS Scorpio
Young Jonathan/ Cassie

Kristine Chester
As Jennifer and Alex


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