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A Ferengi and a Trill Walk into a Ready Room

Posted on Tue Jan 29th, 2019 @ 6:04pm by Captain Audrid Kane & Lieutenant Ogg

Mission: Episode 5 - Nightmare on Omega Centauri
Location: Ready Room, USS Scorpio
Timeline: MD8 1450

Lieutenant Ogg, looking rather out of place in his pristine Starfleet uniform, strolled through the corridors of the Scorpio with a PaDD in his hand. Seeing an officer wondering the halls reading a PaDD, in and of itself, was not unusual. The fact that said officer was a Ferengi was. Though it wasn't unheard of, the race was not known for its altruistic nature or for its selfless mindset. If anything, they were the antithesis of everything that the Federation usually stood for. Ogg was not exactly and exception himself. Where he did deviate from the rest of his race was in the manner in which he focused his people's particular obsessive behavior. Rather than some readout of stock values or any number of other financial information, the PaDD clutched in Lt. Ogg's hand displayed engineering schematics. In other words, Ogg was an anomaly in ever sense of the word.

The man had been a fanatic for all things of a technological nature since he could remember. Anything that could be torn apart, studied, and improved upon was something Ogg wanted to get his hands on. Much to the chagrin of his family, the only time Ogg showed any sort of drive to obtain latinum was when he wanted a new "toy" and didn't have enough to get it on the spot. Otherwise, he couldn't have cared less whether latinum existed or not. To say he was a disappointment to his race was probably a monumental understatement.

Without ever once looking up, Lt. Ogg managed to make it all the way to the bridge unmolested by casual collisions or wrong turns. In fact, he made his way to the Captain's Ready Room without ever so much as looking at anyone assembled on the bridge. His finger grazed the door chime command absentmindedly as he waited for his new commander to beckon him forth.

Audrid had only just started settling in, only having received the new command only a few hours ago herself, hitting the ground running didn't quite properly cover the effort. As she heard the chime she put down a padd she was reading. "Enter" She replied.

The Ferengi officer walked in the room, his eyes glued to his PaDD as he walked inside and found a seat without so much as looking at any of the furnishings around him nor the layout of the room. A few long, silent seconds ticked away before the man finally looked up from the PaDD.

"A female... huh..." the Ferengi muttered, and while the comment itself wasn't so out of place for one of his species. It was completely devoid of malice, revulsion, or any other typical Ferengi archetypal reactions. It seemed very matter-of-fact and almost apathetic.

"At any rate, I'm Ogg. I'm an engineer... and a rather good one at that. It's what I do and what I love to do. And just so we get it out of the way, since everyone seems to like to make jokes about Ferengi... No, I am not here to make a profit. I don't charge latinum for repairs. I won't sell you or your secrets for a slip of latinum either. I have all of that stuff I need... in fact I probably have far more than I actually need... I don't know, you'd have to talk to my accountant about that, if you could ever find the slimy little bastard. I joined this outfit to turn wrenches and tear new technology apart and learn from it. As long as you keep me supplied with wrenches and challenges, you won't even know I'm here... excepting that everything will work the first time every time," the engineer introduced himself as if the entire endeavor was a pain in his orange ass.

"And here I was hoping we might get some nice dabo tables in the Lounge" Audrid joked in response. "Welcome aboard the Scorpio Ogg, if you can keep this ship running properly it will be a nice change of pace when it comes to previous experiences with engineers" She added with a smile. "On a more practical note though, how familiar are you with Quantum Slipstream?"

"I've been reading up on it since I came on. Fascinating how it all works. Makes me wonder why I hadn't thought of it before now that I see it all laid out. Given enough time, I'm sure I could make it even more efficient than it already is," Lt. Ogg's eyes seemed to light up as he mused over the question.

Audrid smiled. "Now that sounds like music to my ears, we're going to be taking it out for a spin tomorrow so you will get to see it in action soon enough."

"Music to my lobes," the Ferengi grinned, "I've been running through the schematics, but they don't always give a thing the proper justice. Best to see it working."

The more she talked with the Ferengi, the more she realized he was going to be a valuable addition to the Scorpio. "Glad to hear Lieutenant. Then I won't keep you from Engineering any longer.


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