USS Scorpio

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Post# The Jewel Box

Posted on Thu Feb 7th, 2019 @ 3:15am by Lieutenant Commander Croesus Rivers & Captain Audrid Kane

Mission: Episode 5 - Nightmare on Omega Centauri
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: Concurrent Back post before arrival


Lt Commander Croesus had done his homework, having spent the last few hours in stellar cartography. With some news to report he chimed the Captains door.


" Captain you wanted to know when I had new Intel on those ominous readings?" Croesus asked.

Audrid had just been reading up on some personnel records when she heard the chime and saw her Chief Science enter immediately.

" Scans of the Centaurus system have confused sensors for years. Speculations of anomalies have caused the loss of numerous craft in this reagion. I think I know why. There is a large black hole between us and and the Crux system.. Like non I have ever seen . Because there are so many stars in this system it masks itself as a star. It has the capacity to suck up so much light it emits enough light to mimic a star. Once a ship enters it gravitational pull it's too late to escape." Croesus warned.

She looked up as the Commander outlined his case. "I see, though the blackhole has been something we have been aware of and compensated for. The colonists indicated something different was going on"

" In that case I suggest a recon of the system. With your permission I will take a shuttle into the Omega system before the Scorpio arrives. I'll need a good pilot as I will need to focus on those readings" Croesus replied.

"What would a shuttle show you however that the already planned sensor probe and runabout mission wouldn't? In any other situation I'd gladly authorize additional recon but without knowing what is in there we can't risk sending more people than needed into harm's way" Audrid replied.

" Perhaps you are right Captain. My Klingon ego often goes awry. I will wait for the probes telemetry." Croesus chuckled.

"I admire initiative, Commander. Do not ever hesitate to come up with further proposals" Audrid replied with a smile.

Croesus also smiled.

" I apologize Captain. It's my nature to impress my Captain. I'm only half Klingon and sometimes my human side gets the better of me."

"I always like being impressed Commander, is there anything else you'd like to discuss?" Audrid asked.

" I reserve to do so at a later date Captain." he replied.

Audrid nodded "Very well, you are dismissed"



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