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Hitting the Road

Posted on Thu Jan 24th, 2019 @ 7:39pm by Captain Audrid Kane & Commander Samuel Aubrey & Lieutenant Commander Thomas Winthorpe & Lieutenant Commander Harriet Callander & Lieutenant Commander Croesus Rivers & Lieutenant Commander Leland Rogers & Lieutenant Charles McCullen & Lieutenant Ogg

Mission: Episode 5 - Nightmare on Omega Centauri
Location: USS Scorpio
Timeline: MD9 - 1200

With all the preparations that could be done in the little time they had, done. It was time to proceed to Omega Centauri. As Audrid stepped onto the bridge of the Scorpio for the first time it was in full operation, she could not help but be even more impressed than before.

At the sound of the turbolift doors opening, Aubrey stood from the command chair, and stepped out of the way of his new commanding officers.

"Captain on the Bridge," he called out. He walked over to his station.

As the crew continued their work, Audrid sat down in the command chair and faced the viewscreen.

"All stations, status report"

Lee was at the Mission Ops Two station along the aft bridge bulkhead. A cursory look confirmed what he already knew from his squadron commanders and deck officer reports. "Air wing personnel, equipment and supplies reports secure for transit."

Thomas double-checked his console. "Captain, StratOps and Intel are ready, all sensor pallets online and ready."

Croesus manned science station one, having already given his analysis to the new Captain. How they proceeded would be tricky given the perils ahead.

" Science is at station keeping Captain." Croesus reported.

A voice suddenly called out over the comm, "Engineering here, everything is ready to go down here."

After verifying the most recent diagnostic of the tactical systems the El-Aurian was satisfied everything was operational and ready to go at a moment's notice.

"Tactical is ready to go on your command" Hattie reported.

"All stations report ready, Captain," summarized Aubrey as the final reports came in.

With all systems ready to go, there was no time to waste. "Excellent, Lieutenant McCullen set a course for just outside the Omega Centauri system. Engage Quantum Slipstream" Audrid said, still getting used to the new technology to be used rather than conventional Warp. "Commanders Callander and Rogers, get tactical systems ready. We have four hours."

"Aye Captain" Hattie replied.

Lee secured his console at the Mission Operations Two Station and turned to Hattie at the Tactical Station. There was a lot of work to accomplish for the upcoming mission and not a whole lot of time.

As the Quantum Slip Stream drive was still untried, science officer Croesus began his calculations too as well to make sure their mission was a success.

"Aye ma'am," Charlie responded, he couldn't help the grin he directed at his console as he entered the coordinates and made a quick final check of the drive. Everything was set to work, in theory, but the actual application of that theory in real life was something all together different. "Course set, engaging slipstream drive in five, four, three, two, one... engage!" He hit the button and the ship slipped into slipstream, he was torn between watching the viewscreen and keeping his eye fixed on the numbers scrolling up his screen.

As the ship entered slipstream, Audrid couldn't help but grab onto the armrest a bit. Considering the inertial dampening and every other security system on the ship there was no logic in it, but it was their first time in Slipstream. In this case we referring to both the crew and every host the Kane symbiotn had.

"Slipstream drive seems to be steady, we're on the way." Charlie told the room in general, "estimated arrival in four hours, twelve minutes."

Once they were inside slipstream for a few seconds, Audrid's concerns started disappearing as soon as they appeared. "Well done, Lieutenant. Steady as she goes"

"Aye ma'am," McCullen responded automatically, watching as the readings on the drive steadied out into an even flow and relaxing a little himself, he leaned back slightly in his chair, settling in for the journey.

Aubrey stepped up behind the young helmsman. "Make sure you update your navigational charts as soon as the long-range sensors start mapping the sector," he instructed.

"Uh... right," Charlie had momentarily forgotten about the updates in the excitement of the slipstream journey, but he made a mental note to keep on top of it, "yes ma'am, will do."


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