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A Wintery Celebration

Posted on Sat Feb 9th, 2019 @ 11:18am by Captain Audrid Kane & Commander Samuel Aubrey & Lieutenant Commander Thomas Winthorpe & Lieutenant Commander Harriet Callander & Lieutenant Commander Leland Rogers & Lieutenant Charles McCullen & Lieutenant Ogg & Lieutenant Valenna & Lieutenant Jonathan Forrest & Lieutenant Aethe Remmen & Lieutenant Asharan Frayor & Ensign Satak & 2nd Lieutenant Katrina Alaran & Senior Chief Petty Officer Kylar Hayn

Mission: Episode 5 - Nightmare on Omega Centauri
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: MD8 - 2200

With the ship still in orbit of New Bajor and only a skeleton crew actually manning most of the departments, today was one of the best times for a get together to be organized for the crew to socialize a bit outside of work. A previous celebration of its kind on the Nogura had been a great success and as such Audrid felt it quite fitting for the Scorpio as well.

In line with this, a large number of officers and other crew members would receive an invitation to go to Holodeck 1 at 2200. Instructions were added to go for casual clothes rather than uniforms and that upon entering the Holodeck rank would cease to matter.

Thomas Winthorpe stood in his quarters looking out the viewport and listening to an Andorian folk song. It was a story about a young boy who, after getting lost in the K'Thial Mountains, angers the goddess Dek'lara and is frozen in time. He awakens a century in the future to find that all the people he loved were gone. But, he adapts to his new life and makes a new family from the ashes of the old.

Even though Thomas was looking out, he saw nothing. His life made no sense and he felt a deep sense of dissatisfaction. The alert on his console chimed and he saw the invitation. He took a deep breath, pushing aside his feelings of discomfort, making a mental note that visiting the Ship's Counselor might be a good idea, then changed for the party.

About half an hour before time Audrid entered the Holodeck to make sure everything was set up correctly. The program did not disappoint. Inside was a simulation of a small village from the Alps mountain range on Earth. The decor was festive and plenty of beverages and other refreshments stood at the ready. Audrid herself had opted to go for a black and red cocktail dress and stood near the entrance to welcome the crew as they entered.

Sam Aubrey had opted for a deep blue tunic with an asymmetrical neckline that opened halfway down his ribcage, with black sleeves that hugged his toned physique and dark trousers.

"Captain," he greeted Audrid as he approached the Holodeck doors, the only time of the evening when he would address her by rank. He looked around the room appreciatively. "Is this Risa? Somewhere in the northern regions?" he asked.

Audrid grinned at her new XO. "It's a custom program, based on the Alps on Earth. I did always love the place. And please, it's just Audrid" She replied with a smile.

"I've never been to that region of Earth," he said. "It's beautiful."

"Perhaps one day we can go see the real thing, the recreation doesn't even do it justice. Hopefully it will do enough to give the crew a nice time though before we go into the unknown again" Audrid replied, taken in by the surroundings herself.

"I'll have to add it to my itinerary next time I'm on Earth," said Sam.

The Scorpio'snewest Squadron Leader hadn't been sure how to dress. Casual could mean so many different things. He assumed that it was a Christmas theme, or at the very least one of the celebrations that occurred in December. So, being at least a nominal Christian, he had decided to go with the Christmas theme in his attire, even though it could hardly be construed as religions in any way. He wore a pair of black chinos a black tee shirt and a maroon sweater with white snowflakes on them. There was red lettering which read, I was on the naughty list, so I got this ugly sweater.

Sam grabbed an ale from a tray carried by one of the holographic waiters and walked up to the young man. "Mister Forrest," he said. "What do you make of the Scorpio so far?"

Jonathan managed to reach for an ale off the same tray that the Executive Officer had, using his peripheral vision as a guide while keeping his primary attention on the man that had addressed him. Before he took a sip, he said, "I'm enjoying myself, sir, being a squadron leader a bit different than just being a pilot, but I'm looking forward to the challenge."

"How about you sir, any pointers for the newest recruit?"

"First point, listen to your Captain. Her instructions were that tonight of all nights, there are no ranks in this room. Leave the 'Sir' at the door. My name's Sam. Second, take it from someone who's been a pilot all his life. A cockpit is a cockpit. Keep your eye on the ball, and trust your squadron to watch your six. Give them your trust and your respect, and they'll give you theirs."

"Sorry, Sam, my moms just taught me to always show respect and use those titles. And thanks for the advice, I'll try to adhere to it. You say you've been a pilot all your life, do you still get a chance to do any flying?"

Thomas entered the holodeck. He was wearing a two-piece suit of dark blue over a white silk shirt. He saw the Captain as he entered and smiled. "Thank you for the invitation, Captain Kane."

"The next person to use rank in here is going to have to take a shot" Audrid joked as her Chief Strategic Operations approached. "You are welcome, thank you for accepting"

Velanna entered the Holodeck in a black cocktail dress, shoulders out, but sleeves still on the dress. She was not really much of a Holodeck person, having dealt a lot with Holodeck addiction while working as a counselor on her previous assignment. “Hello, everyone.”

"Hello," Jonathan called out. He didn't want to be impolite, so he didn't want to ignore the newcomers, but he stayed where he was. He didn't want to miss what the Executive Officer was going to say.

"Nowhere near as much as I'd like," replied Sam to Jonathan's question. "Being a pilot saved my life. Not once, but twice. It's been my life since I was eight years old. It saved me from slavery and got me out of a lot of bad situations. Got me sent to prison, but it set me on the right path. It cost me an arm," he added, rotating his shoulder reflexively, "but it saved a crew. It's not something I'd ever give up. It's no longer part of my duties, but whenever I'm on leave, you'll never catch me using the transporter if I can arrange any other option."

Jonathan had asked the question from a combination of curiosity and politeness two ingrained qualities of his. He hadn't been sure what to expect, but he never would have expected anything like the response he had heard. "That sounds fascinating," he answered earnestly, "I'd love to hear more about it."

Sam had never been one to hide from his past. Some of the things he'd done had been to survive, and some... Not all of them had been good. Some things he wasn't proud of, but he'd never hide from any of them. This young man reminded him of the kid that he could have been if someone had cared enough to take him under their wing. Idealistic, eager, and full of energy.

"Some other time, perhaps," he said. "Come find me whenever you like."

The young squadron leader had no way of knowing any of the senior officer's background, or his inner thoughts, but he was grateful for the words and more curious than ever about what he'd already heard. "Thanks, uh, Sam," he replied, "I'll do that sometime. Sometime soon."

Thomas smiled warmly and nodded at the XO. "Good to see you, Sam."

"You too, Tom," replied Sam, extending a hand to the Intelligence officer.

Then, turning to the new officer, Thomas smiled just as warmly, extending his hand. "Good to meet you, I'm Thomas Winthorpe, Chief StratOps. Glad you could make it."

"Nice to meet you, Thomas, as you may have overheard, I'm the new squadron leader, nice to meet you as well." Jon's smile was somewhere between innocent and flirtatious as he held out his hand.

Thomas sensed something, different, about the young fighter pilot. He held the handshake a few more seconds before pulling his hand back.

"Squadron Leader? I'm sure that you will do just fine, I wouldn't expect anyone but the best to get a position like that." His smile warmed even more. "Now, I need to find a drink. I hear one calling my name." He nodded to the Captain and XO. "Audrid, Sam." He chuckled and nodded slightly before turning to head to the bar.

Jonathan watched the other man's retreating form for perhaps a second or two longer than he should have, then turned back around, nodded at the XO and moved to find a holographic waiter with some non-holographic food.

Lieutenant Ogg found his way into the holodeck, grudgingly one might say, wearing a subdued Ferengi outfit that was just colorful enough to call it 'holiday' themed while still retaining as much personal dignity as one could in such cases. Ogg detested extravagance, antithetical to most of his kind. What he detested, even more, was mandatory functions that pulled him away from his tinkering. But, as one of his old instructors had reminded him at the Academy, orders are orders even if they were a pain in the ass. With that phrase freshly floating in his mind, Ogg wandered his way to the farthest corner of the holodeck environ and nursed a drink that could only be described as... green.

"Hew-mons and their rituals..." the Ferengi grumbled, his tone just loud enough to be heard but not so venomous that it seemed like he honestly took issue with the whole thing.

Velanna walked over to the new Ferengi officer and gave him a stare with one raised eyebrow, eyeing his drink. "Two questions, Ogg. One, what do you have against humans and rituals and what the hell are you drinking?" She smiled and offered a handshake. "I'm Velanna, a new member of this crew as well."

Ogg took the proffered hand and gave it just enough of a shake to complete the gesture without seeming overly enthusiastic about the whole thing. Once the pleasantries were completed, the Ferengi answered the woman's inquiries.

"Hew-mons have too many of them," Ogg remarked indifferently, "And this... well... it's called 'green' I suppose, because of the hue. Someone I met while I was going through that Academy on Earth introduced me to it. Said it would put hair on your lobes. I thought it was an odd thing to boast about, but lack of hair growth aside, the stuff is pretty good. Very alcoholic too, if you like that sort of thing."

Hattie arrived at the holodeck and walked in the direction of those who had already arrived. As instructed by Captain Kane she had gone for a smart casual outfit - a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Once she had joined the group the El-Aurian woman introduced herself to the new faces. One of which was the first Ferengi Starfleet officer she had served with.

"Good evening. I'm Commander Callander - the Scorpio's Chief Tactical and Security Officer" Hattie said warmly.

Hearing the mention of rank was all Audrid needed to grab two glasses from one of the tables and approach the group. "Well then Hattie, you get to take the first shot for disobeying a direct order" She joked as she handed over one of the glasses.

Hattie grinned and accepted the glass from her new Commanding Officer before looking at the glass' contents. After a couple of seconds, she looked back up at Audrid.

"That seems fair to me. After three?" Hattie said.

"One... Three!" Audrid cheated, quickly downing the first shot.

Lee arrived wearing a pair of black slacks and an untucked button-up Hawaiin style floral shirt. He swung by the bar and grabbed a bottle of Budweiser Classic and looked about the holodeck. He spotted Hattie instantly, but also spotted a new arrival to the ship and felt it more prudent to introduce himself to them. He made his way over to where Sam, Thomas, and Jonathan were. He gave the two veteran officers a nod of his head. "Gentlemen." He struck out a hand toward Jonathan. "You must be the new squadron commander that came aboard this morning. I'm Lee Rogers, the CAG."

Jonathan had to fight coming to attention. Despite the Captain's orders, his parents had raised him to respect authority and it was just a part of his nature. But, he managed to fight off his natural tendency and instead simply stuck out a hand toward his immediate supervisor. "Yes, Lee, that's right. My name is Jonathan Forrest. Nice to meet you."

Lee dropped his hand to his side after shaking Jonathan's hand. He had only the briefest of opportunities to glance at the man's file and frankly only remembered his name, rank and flight qualifications. "So what is it that you like to do other than fly?"

"Well, there's a few things. I like sports, especially soccer, I was a pretty good striker back in the day and I enjoy debate too. And I make a mean lasganga. How about yourself?"

Lee gave a nod to Jonathan. He did indeed look like an accomplished soccer player. "Well, I am more of a water enthusiast myself. Sailing, motorboating, skiing. I love to surf and SCUBA dive."

Katrina entered dressed to the nines in a turquoise evening gown with a sparkling necklace of various gems. She spotted Thomas right off and made a beeline towards him. She went up on tippy toes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "Happy Holidays Thomas."

Thomas wrapped his arms around the beautiful Marine and spun her around. As he set her down, he kissed her on the forehead. His smile spoke volumes and he let the eye contact linger for a moment. "And just when I thought the Universe had lost all meaning, you grace me with your presence."

Jonathan couldn't help but notice Thomas interaction with the Marines and gave a small sigh of disappointment. The two officers seemed to have something going on between them and it didn't appear to be platonic. ~Why are the best looking ones always straight~he thought to himself. ~Damn~

Asharan walked into the Holodeck dressed in a traditional Bajoran tunic, in a royal blue tone that brought out his eyes. He waved the waiter over and ordered a springwine before joining the rest of the group.

"Just to let everyone know," he said in greeting, "I had the nurses in Sickbay replicate more than enough hyposprays to cure hangovers. Feel free to drop by my office in the morning. And that includes everyone who's overdue for a physical."

Charlie slipped into the holodeck just as Asharan finished speaking, he was wearing a pair of skin-tight black jeans and a black t-shirt with the words "The voices say I'm not crazy." emblazoned on the front. Quietly, he made his way over to the bar and ordered himself a sundowner, propped himself on a stool then settled back to watch. He had never been one for parties and didn't do particularly well in crowds, but watching was fun.

Jonathan heard the words but didn't pay them much mind. While he enjoyed a drink, a real one, as much as the next person, he could count on one hand the times he'd actually gotten drunk and he wasn't about to start tonight.

Thomas hugged Katrina close, inhaling deeply of her perfume. A sense of peace flooded him, knowing that she was here with him. He took a half step back and looked into her eyes. His voice was a low whisper. "You, are the most beautiful sight I've seen in a very long time." He smiled and kissed her hand. "I really, and I mean really want to take you somewhere less public." He kissed her hand again. "But I think I'd like to enjoy some jealous stares from my shipmates for a bit."

A waiter bearing a tray of full champagne glasses approached and Thomas snagged two, handing one to Katrina. "To you."

Katrina reached around the back of his neck and pulled his face down. "No time like the present to see who we can make jealous then." She planted a deep lingering kiss on him that lasted a good ten count before releasing him.

When they parted, Thomas smiled slyly. "You know, I think our plan is working." He took Katrina's hand and led her to one of the large windows then pulled her close and just held her.

Lee spotted Hattie conversing with the Captain and the new Chief Engineer. He tapped Jonathan on the shoulder and gestured for him to follow. "I will introduce you to a few others."

"Sure," the Squadron Leader said as he turned to follow the other man, "I'd like that. Thank you."

Aethe Remmen walked into the Holodeck wearing a sparkling gold cocktail dress. The junior engineer was shy, and she felt oddly out of place in large gatherings. She took a glass of white wine and started mingling with the crowd, smiling and nodding left and right.

Lee approached Audrid and Hattie with Jonathan in tow. He gestured to Jonathan. "Good evening ladies. Allow me to introduce Jonathan Forrest. He is taking command of the Flying Eagles squadron effective immediately.

Jonathan flashed a smile at the two women. "Good evening ladies," he said, "I'm glad to be on board. How are you feeling?"

With the party well on its way, and Audrid several drinks in, it seemed like the absolutely perfect time for a speech.

As she took centre stage she looked over the people assembled. "May I have your attention?" She said raising her voice. "I have only been with you for a day now and I know this change together with many other past changes are sudden to all of you. As we are about to engage on another dangerous mission with a result we cannot predict it is important to think about those who matter most to us and those on which we rely to stay safe. I want each of you to look to the left and the right of you. Everyone you see is your brother or your sister. For many, this is their first assignment, for others the face they see is a new one. We are however one crew. I have been appointed your Captain by the Admiralty but I seek to become your Captain by proving myself to you all. Tomorrow we risk our lives to serve and protect the Federation, its citizens, and its values. Tomorrow we risk our lives for something greater than ourselves. But, if we trust in each other and in the ship. We will get back in one piece. That I promise." She said before raising a glass. "To the Scorpio!"

Sam stood next to his Captain and looked at the assembled crewmen. He felt confident in this crew's capabilities and was grateful that they would be facing the unknown together.

"To the Scorpio!" he followed.

Sitting at the back, slightly away from the group, Charlie raised his glass. It wasn't just the crew of the Scorpio that came to mind, but another person that mattered most to him. Anyway, he didn't have any of the crew to his left or right, everyone else was doing the social mingling thing that he was so very bad at.

Thomas grinned mischievously and looked at Katrina, his voice a low whisper. "Hey, Sis." Before she could respond he looked back at the Captain and raised his glass. "To the Scorpio!"

Katrina gave her lover an eye roll whilst fighting the urge to sock him one in the arm. She went up on tippy toes and softly whispered in his ear. "You better be careful or I might think you want this relationship to go platonic."

Lee was standing next to Hattie when Audrid started her speech. He gave her hand a gentle squeeze as their commanding officer spoke.

As the party went on into the later hours increasingly more entertaining conversation and interactions went on as the attendants became steadily drunker. This night no one was going to be flying a shuttle, runabout and certainly not a starship.


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