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Leaving The Nest Part One

Posted on Thu Dec 20th, 2018 @ 1:42am by Lieutenant Jonathan Forrest

Mission: Episode 5 - Nightmare on Omega Centauri
Location: Forrest-Samuels Home
Timeline: Seven Year Ago

/=\Forrest-Samuels Home 7 Years ago/=\

Marcie Forrest and Jennifer Samuels had gone to dinner and weren’t expected to be home until late, which suited their children just fine. They had told their mothers that they had some things to discuss, so a family meeting had been called for the next morning at 11:00.

At seven pm, 1900 in the Forrest-Samuels’ home, Jonathan pushed the passcode for the door and it slid open. He’d been out with Anjar working on some preparation for the upcoming debate the Mission High team was going to be participating in and he’d let the time get away from him. He was supposed to have been home almost an hour ago.

“Angela, I’m home, are you here?” he called out.

"No," she said dryly from her bedroom. "I'm out with my two boyfriends having an epic threesome." It was 1900 on a Friday and already Angela was in her pajamas: black pants covered in adorable pink elephants and a black tank top covered in silver stars. Her bedroom door was open and she lay propped up in her bed, reading a padd and wearing a pair of glasses Jonathan knew to be purely decorative as Angela had her vision corrected years ago.

He stepped into her room holding two large boxes of Chinese food from the deli down the street. “Mongolian Beef, or Moo Shu Pork?” he asked. “Sorry, Anjar and I were studying. And by studying I mean fully clothed reading PADDS, I just forgot about the time.”

"Sure you were," she said slowly, sitting up to inspect both boxes. "I'll have the Moo Shu." She took her glasses off and set them down along with her padd. "Studying for the Starfleet exams? I was, too, although I think I can already disassemble a warp drive and put it back together without a manual."

He handed over one of the boxes to her and a pair of chopsticks. “We may have done a little something before we studied, but seriously we were studying. And I guess you could say we were studying for the exams. We have that mock Federation Council contest to get ready for. The school gets to be Bajor this year. If we do well, it will help our chances. I don’t think I can focus on the exams and the team thing.”

He moved and sat down on the bed, carefully opening the box before eating a bite. “Have you thought about what we are going to tell moms tomorrow?”

Angela opened her box and took a bite. "How about this, 'Mom, Mother, we're following in your footsteps. We want to join Starfleet.' Cue hugs and excitement and a million questions about what we're going to do. Far too many offers to help us or pull strings. We protest, they go behind our backs and do it anyway, we bitch about it, which accomplishes nothing." She stuck her chopsticks into his box of Mongolian Beef and stole a piece, popping it into her mouth.

“That sounds like something I’d come up with, what about something that actually, you know works?”

"Hey, I was all in favor of lying to them profusely and breaking the news to them after we had our commissions," she said, continuing to munch on Moo Shu. "I can probably get by talking to Mom in private. She knows how 'prideful' I can be and 'sensitive' to being 'babied.' She'll cow to an impassioned speech about engineering pride and I have the straight As to support my argument that I don't need their help. You, you're screwed."

“Yeah, I know, I pretty well am. My grades are good but they’re sure as hell not straight As Mother will be just delighted I want to go the Command route, but she’s going to want to call in favors ‘cause she doesn’t think I can do it myself. Good thing for both of us I actually do have an idea.”

"I'm listening," she said, stealing another piece of beef.

“Seriously?” he asked as she took another bite, “you could at least share some of yours. Anyway, you know that whatever talk you have with mom, as persuasive as you can be will last about two weeks into our first semester before she feels she has to start snooping around. You know she knows all the instructors.

“But what if we weren’t here on Earth?”

"I'm a growing girl, you're big enough already," she threw back but tilted her container towards him so he could steal some back. She thought about what Jonathan had said and then the lightbulb went off. "You're talking about one of the academy branches on another planet, aren't you?"

“Yes,” he agreed stabbing a piece of pork and bringing it to his mouth. After downing the bite, he continued, “There's one on Bajor. Not only is it about as far away as we can get from home, but it’s also brand new, just opening this year, not even going fully operational until next year when we’d be entering. And it’s not just theory and PADDS. From what I hear you actually get to interact and work with the people on the planet. Oh, and one more thing. Here the worst thing you have to prepare for is some Senior Cadet short sheeting your bed. There, the most dangerous is some Delta Quadrant alien slitting your throat.”

Angela listened intently, a small smile growing on her lips as he described the station. "How do you know moms aren't going to have pull with the instructors there? How do we make sure that's where we're assigned for our education?"

“We apply there specifically,” he replied answering her last question first, “and I suppose they could have some reach there. But they’re pulling the instructors from all different parts of the galaxy so moms can’t know everyone like they do now. I was thinking of lying to them and not telling them that’s where we were applying. But that wouldn’t fly, they’d catch on pretty quick. So, I thought we’d pitch to them as being the best and fastest place to launch our careers. Hands-on instruction is something none of the other Academies have. We just leave out the part about not wanting them nosing about our business every day. What do you think?”

Angela nodded along. "Workable. And if they express concern about us being off on our own we highlight that we'll have each other. It's a good plan," she complimented, bumping into his shoulder with hers.

He grinned at her as their shoulders met. “You’re still helping me with the trig crap. You know how I suck at advanced math.”

“Oh, sweetie,” she said in her best demeaning voice. “The fact that you think of trig as ‘advanced’....” she slowly shook her head but bumped into him again as a little reminder that he had her support.

“This probably isn’t the best time, but since I have you here without mom squad around I was wondering if I could pick your brain for advice regarding an icky/stuff/things kind of matter. TMI warning firmly in place and I can even just not ask it if you’d rather not worry about it,” she rambled.

“You know you can talk to me about anything Angela. Does the icky stuff involve a boy, are you seeing someone?”

Jonathan had been in a relationship the better part of two years and loved that part of his life. While at times he was like a broken record, Angela found it sweet that he kept hoping she'd find someone and get to share in the same rewarding experiences that he had. "No, not a boy. Not exactly."

Their mothers were not people Angela felt she could talk to about romance. For one they knew nothing about boys, being lesbians who had been committed to the same woman for 22 years. And they asked far too many personal questions. No daughter should have to endure questions about how private areas were functioning, even if they were the result of a surgeon's work. Jonathan didn't pry and didn't cross lines. "Have you ever had a romantic encounter with a holodeck character?"

Jonathan’s hands paused midway between her box of food and his mouth as pink tinged his face. “Uh, sort of.” He moved the pork the rest of the way to his mouth and began chewing. “What exactly are you talking about?”

“Country of the Stars, it’s this mystery holonovel I started. I like the puzzles. What I didn’t realize was there was a ‘romantic’ component built in with the guy, or girl I suppose if you swing that way, who brings you the case. There’s this really romantic scene outdoors, under the stars, after this big encounter and Cameron, the guy, well, made a move.” Angela fidgeted with her chopsticks, not eating but nervously playing with them. “I was so flustered I shut the program off and walked away even though I had another 30 minutes. And now I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I can’t decide if such a situation counts as a first time, and if it does, is that sad that it’s on a holodeck and not with an actual person, or is it practical? If it doesn’t count, is it some elaborate form of self-love and is that sad or normal given the technology at our disposal.”

She set her box of Chinese food down. “I’ve been thinking way too much about this, and I need a second opinion.”

Jonathan sat his own food down as he thought about what his sister had just shared. “First, there is nothing wrong with using the tech that we have to make life more interesting for us. And it’s a lot safer than a real person. You have a lot fewer variables to deal with. It is perfectly normal. As to whether or not it counts as a first time or not, I don’t know. I can tell you from experience it can be very realistic. But, I think if you put a phaser to my head and I had to give an answer, it would be that it was like a test run for the real thing.

“If I were you, I’d go back and see what happens in the end. This may be carrying the whole brother-sister thing way too far, but I could even, you know, go with you in observer mode. I know that is probably much too personal for you, so I don’t know maybe you should just try it again and you can tell me the parts you want to share.”

"There is no way I would attempt something like that with anyone present, never mind family," Angela said, wide-eyed. "Besides the massive gross factor, I think it would defeat the whole point and create a very unrelaxing experience." She was quiet for a moment as she considered her options. Hearing Jonathan's judgment-free advice made her feel better about the situation, made her feel less lonely and sad for considering it.

"I'll give the scenario another chance, alone. I'll at least give you a thumbs up or thumbs down about the experience. I wouldn't expect a lot of details unless it does something that thoroughly confuses me and I can't look it up on the net."

“Since you asked me a personal question, can I ask you one?”

Angela nodded. “Shoot.”

“Well, I love Anjar, I really do. He’s the first boy, I’ve ever kissed the first, the only, boy I’ve ever uh done more than kiss. And he loves me back. But, this idea of mine as brilliant as it might be. It’s going to take me away from him. He doesn’t want to leave his family and plans on attending the Academy here. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

"What do you want to do?" Angela asked. "Do you want to convince him to go with you to the Bajor Academy? If he's joining Starfleet he will have to leave his family behind sooner or later. You can convince him. Or, if he's adamant and you really love him, then are you willing to stay here and put up with mom and mother's influence to be with him?"


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