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Leaving The Nest Part Three

Posted on Sat Dec 29th, 2018 @ 5:59am by Lieutenant Jonathan Forrest

Mission: These Are the Stories...
Location: Forrest-Samuels Home
Timeline: Seven Year Ago

/=\Forrest-Samuels Home Seven Years Aggo /\=

Previously in Part Two

"You're going to need prep materials," Jennifer said.

"Got 'em, studied 'em, memorized 'em," Angela said. "There's something else you should know. We're not applying for the San Francisco Academy."

Both women frowned.

"We found a great Academy Annex on Bajor. It will be perfect. We'll get an opportunity to get lots of hands-on training, and....and...." Angela floundered, looking over at Jonathan.

“And,” Jonathan said, “we know that it’s going to be far away and we’re going to miss you both a lot. But we will have each other. They have a tremendous Operations department, which will give Angela hands-on training. It won’t just be classrooms, data padds, and simulations. It will be the real thing. And I’m applying for command school.” He turned and looked at Marcie. He’d been selling up until that point saying the first thing that came to mind that he knew sounded good, but there was nothing but sincerity in his next statement. “Mother, I want to be a Captain, just like you were. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do since I was little. And it’s because of you, the example that you set, the decisions you made, the crews you cared for. You truly are my inspiration.”

His mother looked at him a little bit surprised at the earnestness of the revelation, and she had to fight back tears, something she rarely had to do.

Then he returned to his salesman mode, “So this place is perfect for me too. Real situations, real decisions, real consequences. It’s not going to be just holodeck recreations, it’s going to be the real thing.”

Jennifer looked uncomfortable for more than one reason. "I know you're excited, but wouldn't it be better if the real thing came a few years down the road after you've completed the academy. And if you went to the academy here then you could be close to us."

"We've grown up on starships and space stations all our lives," Angela argued. Where Jonathan made a sales pitch she sounded like she was talking down to her mothers. "We already have some hands-on experience, we've already been in dangerous situations. This will be a cakewalk compared to what we've already been through and will give our careers a real boost right out of the gate."

Marcie looked between her children over at her wife and back at her children. “There is something you’re not telling me. What is it, Jonathan Michael Forrest?”

He wasn’t sure why she knew, or if she just might be bluffing. His eyes would have searched out Angela’s if his mother’s gaze hadn’t been fixed on him. “Fine,” he said at last,”everything we told you was true. No BS. Especially the part about your being my inspiration But if you’re going to insist on total honesty. Well, we want to do this on our own. It’s not going to be our accomplishments if you hold our hands and do everything for us. It’s going to be your accomplishments.”

"We would never interfere," Jennifer insisted.

Angela snorted. "Yes you would, you do it all the time. Both of you. With everything from school to Johnny's love life. You pull strings, you baby us. And the Academy, our Starfleet careers, we need to make our own if we're going to have them. Otherwise, we won't be continuing your legacies, we'll be the latest pair of Admiral brats to be coddled into a few pips on their collars."

“You’re exaggerating at best,” Marcie replied quickly, “we’re not like that at all. We only care about the two of you and want the best for you.”

“I have no doubt you love us and all of that,” Jonathan rolled his eyes, ”but if you’re honest with yourselves you know what we’re saying is true. Mom, I asked you about staying over at Anjar’s tonight and you’re still giving me sex education advice and telling me the same thing you do almost every time I go over there. Sometimes I think you’d take a holovid if you could. You’ve even asked me who uh plays catcher and who plays pitcher, that is so not cool.”

He found his voice rising, “You’re never going to let us run our own lives, make our own mistakes, our own accomplishments. You just don’t get it. We’re not little kids anymore. This is the only way we can be us.”

“Is this how you both feel?” Marcie asked, her tone decidedly cooler that it had been just moments before.

Jennifer looked heartbroken, the exact reason behind it not quite clear, as she stood with her head down, glad that Marcie was stepping in, as their childrens’ speech had left her feeling like a bad mother, and worse like her children were grown up and didn’t need them anymore.

“More or less,” Angela replied. “I know all you do has been to look out for us, it’s just that there comes a time to leave the nest.” She was worried it would override her point, but she couldn’t stand Mom looked so forlorn nearby, so she inched closer and hugged her. Jennifer returned it immediately, holding her short daughter tightly to her and trying not to cry.

Marcie turned away from everyone and walked towards the bay window that overlooked a small courtyard that served as their backyard, her face pensive.

Jonathan closed his eyes wishing he could take back the words that had escaped his mouth or at least the tone he had spoken them in. He wanted to go and hug his mother, but he knew better, knew how mercurial she could be.

“Look, I know I probably shouldn’t have said what I did, but you’ve always raised us, to be honest. And you’re both good mothers, you really are. I, we, will always love you. No matter what. But Angela is right. We’re going to be eighteen next year, we’re not babies anymore. I know you think that you still need to protect us, and I’m sure you always will think that. But you need to let us go. At least a little. But, like I said we’re both pretty good at protecting ourselves, and we have each other too. At least till we are through at the Academy. You’ve raised us right. Now, give us a chance to prove that to you and everyone else. Please.”

"You've never needed to prove that to us," Jennifer spoke, still holding onto her daughter. "We know how independent and intelligent you both are. I'd like to think we've given you more freedom than most children, not less. When we 'interfere' it's just....we want to be a part of your lives, and it's not something we did very well when you were growing up because of our careers. The intention has never been to embarrass you or make you feel like you didn't earn something. The questions we ask, the interest we show....we want there to be an open-line, we want you to know you can talk to us about anything, that we're there for you. You will always be our babies, no matter how old you get, and we will never want to stop protecting you."

“And we know that,” Jonathan said as he tried hard not to have to blink back tears. “We want you to be part of our lives. Always. And no matter how busy we get, we’ll contact you both by subspace once a week. And if we need either, or both of you, we’ll do it whenever we have to.

“This is just something that is really important to me and Angela. To be on our own. Part of that is what we’ve been talking about, but there’s more to it. We are never going to forget who raised us and even though you weren’t always around because of your jobs, it doesn’t diminish the influence you had on us. We’re always going to be proud to be the children of Marcie Forrest and Jennifer Samuels. But, especially here on Earth, people are going to see us as just that.”

“Out there on the frontier, we’re going to have a chance to be just Angela and Jonathan.”

Marcie turned away from the window. “You damn well better contact us once a week, or I am going to personally fly there and publicly humiliate you before the whole station. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” both children echoed like they were talking to a captain instead of their mother. Wordlessly, Jennifer let Angela go, walked over, and hugged Jonathan.

“So, does that mean we can go?” Angela dared to ask, walking away from their half-cooked breakfast to look directly at Marcie.

Marcie turned to her wife who gave an almost imperceptible nod, “Yes,” she said, “you can go.”

Jonathan moved over and picked Marcie uplifting her off her feet and swinging her around before setting her down and releasing her. He did the same thing to Jennifer too, then moved towards Angela.

Marcie straightened out her robe and looked over at her son trying to frown, but unable to keep the corners of her mouth from lifting into a smile.

Jennifer didn’t bother to hide her smile or the tears from mixed emotions. She laughed when Jonathan picked her up and spun her around. It was still incredible how the little baby her wife had once carried had become so tall. Jennifer walked over to Marcie and hugged her as well, more in need of comfort than anything.

Angela was the only one not smiling. She shook her head as a grinning Jonathan drew close. “Don’t you dare,” she warned but knew he was going to pick her up anyway.

Paying no heed to her warning whatsoever, he pulled her away from the counter, lifting her up in the air as high as he could, which was nearly to the ceiling. But he didn’t spin her around like he had his mothers. Instead, he sat her down almost immediately and began dancing around the kitchen to a tune inside his head.

Angela shook her head, watching her brother behave like a fool. She returned to making breakfast as if nothing significant had happened at all, happy inside, but she saw no reason to dance around.


Lt. Jonathan Forrest
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Scorpio

Young Jonathan/Marcie

Kristine Chester Angela/ Jennifer


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