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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Part One

Posted on Mon Dec 31st, 2018 @ 2:21am by Lieutenant Jonathan Forrest

Mission: These Are the Stories...
Location: Forrest-Samuels Home
Timeline: Six Years Algo

=/= Forrest-Samuels Home, San Francisco, Earth, Six Years Ago =/=

The North American Mock Federation Council Tournament, which had been held in Montreal, had just wrapped up after three days. The Mission High School team which had won their regional contest had come in ninth place. There had been fifty teams present ranging from what had once been Canada to what had once been Central America, so placing in the top ten had been a pretty major accomplishment. Everyone on the five-person team would have liked to have done better, but three of them were juniors and would get to compete next year when they hoped to win the whole thing. That might not be possible, both Belize and Vancouver were going to be hard to beat.

Since Sarish Anjar and Jonathan Forrest, the two seniors in the competition. each had parents in Starfleet they got to use the transporter there in Montreal and got home before everyone else on the team had. Jonathan’s parents and sister were all gone so the boys had decided to spend some time celebrating.

“So, Anjar, babe, I think we deserve some champagne, do you want the real thing or the synth?”

"I think your parents would notice if a bottle of their champagne went missing," Anjar reasoned. His boyfriend, as adorable and passionate as he was, had a habit of not thinking a step ahead and living in the moment.

“You’re probably right. So maybe we skip the booze and just grab some food. Is pizza okay, or did you want something different?” Jonathan asked as he went over and gave Anjar a quick hug.

Anjar prolonged the hug, holding Jonathan close. "Or....we could have our dessert first and then come back around to dinner," the Bajoran boy suggested with a smile. "Who knows how long your moms or Angela will be out." The boys didn't often have a lot of alone time. It seemed like one of Anjar's brothers or sisters or Angela were at whichever house they were at. "And, like you said, we deserve to celebrate."

All thought of food went out the window at his boyfriend’s suggestion. “Anjar you are a very, very bad boy. That is just one of the reasons I love you.” He kissed him deeply something they hadn’t been able to do for almost a week. They had shared a room at the tournament, but there had been another boy there and T’Var their teacher and chaperone And the Vulcan had been especially vigilant to make sure that neither emotion or hormones got out of hand.

Jonathan took the Bajoran by the hand after the kiss broke and started to lead him up the stairs to his room. “You are way overdressed for the celebration you have in mind Anjar, we both are.”

Anjar waited until they were at the top of the stairs. Then he pressed Jonathan against one of the walls, kissing him again, a hand sliding just underneath the other boy's shirt. "That can be easily fixed," he said with a grin, taking Jonathan's hands and walking backward towards Jonathan's room.

Once he knew they were close to the bed he shoved the slightly smaller boy down on it and fell down beside him tearing at the buttons on Anjar’s shirt trying his best not to rip them off in his haste to have his fingers explore the skin of the other boy’s torso.

"I love you," Anjar said as he lifted Jonathan's shirt up over his head. He brought Jonathan's mouth back down for another kiss.

“I love you too, Anjar,” Jonathan said after a really long kiss as his hands began to explore places areas that were familiar and that he would never tire of.

Several hours later, Anjar was still wrapped around Jonathan, laying contently beside his boyfriend in a state of bliss. They both knew there time exploring one another's bodies had come to an end when they heard the sonic shower going down the hall. Someone had come home. "I don't know about you, but I could go for that pizza now," Anjar said, lightly kissing Jonathan's chest.

Jonathan lay on the bed not wanting to move and not too concerned that someone was home. “Pizza does sound really good right now. Do you want to clean up first? If you don’t and it’s one of my mom’s they may ask for details.”

"They'd pry anyway, and it's probably your sister. I hope it's your sister." Angela at least tended to stay out of the way. "But cleaning up first sounds like a good idea." Somewhat reluctantly, Anjar rolled out of bed, picking through the clothes on the floor to find his boxers and pants. He didn't bother to put back on his shirt since he was just going down the hallway. "I'll be back in a couple of minutes. Unless you'd like to come with," Anjar teased, kissing Jonathan gently on the lips.

“I love it when we make out in the shower,” Jonathan replied as he searched for and found his own boxers. He didn’t bother with his pants or shirt as the two boys left the room and were walking down the hallway. They had to wait a few minutes as the door to the bathroom was locked. They could hear the lock come undone and Angela opened the door.

Angela jumped as the door opened and she found the boys standing there. She hadn't realized anyone was home. She held her hand over her eyes for a long moment before stepping out, a towel wrapped around her, her clothes bundled up in hand. The bundled-up outfit wasn't one of her usual dresses, but something fancier, black, and short. "Hi Anjar, hi Johnny," she said in a monotone, oblivious or uncaring about their state of undress. She walked past the boys stiffly, like someone had run her over with a car. "How was your thing in Canada?" she asked when she was halfway down the hallway to her room.

Anjar was worried for a moment that she had been attacked again, but there were no cuts or bruises. "We came in ninth place," Anjar reported proudly.

Thoughts of making out with Anjar left Jonathan in an instant and he followed her down the hallway, “Angela are you okay?” he asked, “I mean really, you better not be BSing me okay?”

"I'm for reals okay. Nothing's wrong that won't feel better after some rest," she assured her brother. "Didn't think you would be home today. Mother texted. She and mom's trip was extended another day so we have the house to ourselves, or rather you and Anjar can have the run of it. I'll leave you two to gross-up the bathroom your darling sister has to clean in the morning while cursing your names and houses. I'm going to go curl up in a ball and die for a little bit."

Jonathan relieved, knew better than to try to push. He went back to the bathroom where Anjar was waiting and they closed the door behind them. They did gross-up the bathroom just as Angela had predicted, but afterward, they cleaned it up themselves, at least as well as teenage boys could do and they did actually manage to get themselves cleaned up in the process.

Afterward, they went downstairs. “What do you want on your half?” Jonathan asked as they stood in front of the replicator.

"Jalapenos, pineapple, and olives. And some water to go with it," Anjar said. He was prone to going off the beaten path when it came to pizza toppings. It wasn't clear if that was due to his Bajoran heritage or was just Anjar. His mind dwelled on a lot of things, their recent time together, how hungry he was, recapping the day's debate, thinking about the future. That was much too painful an option so he settled on directing their attention to someone else's problem. "You don't think someone attacked her again, do you?" After the attack on the track field two years ago there had been only one other incident with Penny and company, which resulted in a broken arm and a broken nose....for Penny.

Jonathan substituted pepperoni for olives on his half but otherwise, both sides looked the same. “I don’t know. She says she’s just fine, but I don’t like that look in her eyes.” The pizza appeared, perfectly cooked just as it usually did. “Why don’t you start eating? I’m going to go check on her just to make sure.”

He replicated a glass of lemonade. “I’ll be right back, “ he said. He set the pizza on the table and climbed the stairs. He listened quietly at the door and then knocked on it. “I’ve got lemonade,” he said.

Before he knocked, Jonathan heard shuffling inside and a groan of pain. When he knocked she shouted through the door. "I'm naked! You can leave your offering by the door and go!"

“Angela Makena Samuels, don’t you think you can hide something from your big brother, I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what the Hell is going on.”

"Wow, mother, I thought you weren't supposed to get back until tomorrow," Angela shot back dryly. "I'm fine, I promised no BS. I'll pinky swear to it if you make me."

“Fine,” he said in a huff, “if you’re going to insult me and call me mom, I’ll just leave.” He sat the glass down and made his way downstairs.

“She’s okay,” he said, “at least I think so. There’s something going on, but she isn’t saying what.” He eased into the kitchen, his hand lazily scratching his chest. “You left some pizza for me right?”

“Of course.” Anjar smiled up at him as Jonathan sat down beside him. The Bajoran only had a piece while Jonathan was gone. He passed a slice with pepperoni over to his boyfriend. “That attitude and temper of hers aren't going to get her very far at the academy. And you can’t be there to solve every problem for her.”

“I know, I can’t it’s a big station,” he said taking the piece of pizza from the Bajoran. After eating half the slice in two bites he said, “but there is a certain someone who could go with me. You know help me keep an eye on her.”

Anjar sighed and pinched the bridge of his wrinkled nose. "Or you can stay here and let her stand on her own for once. According to you, you got through to your mothers, they've been understanding, and are going to stay out of your way. There's no reason you have to go light years away to attend the academy when you could attend here," he placed a hand on top of Jonathan's, looking at him pleadingly, "with me."

“I have thought about that, a lot. I really have. You have no idea how much I’ve gone back and forth with this,” Jonathan replied as he took hold of Anjar’s hand that rested on top of his. “You’re my boyfriend, and it’s not because you’re the hottest guy in school, though you are the hottest guy in school. You’re my boyfriend because you’re so much more than that. You’re smart, you’re funny, you’re going to make a hell of a diplomat someday, you’re everything I’ve ever hoped for in another person.”

“But you don’t understand. I can’t stay. Yeah, Angela is going to need to stand on her own two feet. I get that. But that’s not why I’m going. Not really. And I know that we supposedly got through to them, but nothing is ever one hundred percent with them. I mean, we’ve been going together for almost three years and it was only a couple of months ago, that mom quit reminding me to make sure we used protection. If she thought we weren’t, it would be lecture time all over again. But that’s not the real reason either.”


Lt. Jonathan Forrest
Chief Flight Control
USS Scorpio

And Kristine Chester as Anjar



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