USS Scorpio

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Med bay, a snack and a plan

Posted on Sun Jan 27th, 2019 @ 2:00am by Lieutenant Commander Korin Andrews, MD

Mission: Episode 5 - Nightmare on Omega Centauri
Timeline: MD08 1500hrs

Doctor Korin Andrews had just arrived aboard his new assignment, the USS Scorpio one of the most advanced ships in the fleet and certainly the largest he had ever had the privilege to serve on. On the Lieutenant Commanders shuttle ride over he had taken the time to review the specifications for the Ascension class carrier, she was impressive to say the least. Just moments after stepping off the turbo lift the Doc found himself entering his quarters. He tossed his duffle in a chair and looked around his quarters. It was more than adequate, but Starfleet probably had some pretty long range missions planned for this crew.

Next stop on the Doctors tour would be the main sickbay, so as he reentered the turbo lift he called out "deck thirteen" and with it's typical beep the turbo lift started moving. Korin was sure the sickbay would be as equally impressive as the rest of the ship, but he couldn't wait to see it. There also usually seemed to be a few personal touches he wanted to make with the sickbay.

As Doctor Andrews entered the sickbay the first thing he noticed was the size of the sickbay. The layout of the bio beds were in standard Federation design, which he was okay with and the amount of bio beds in this sickbay was double what he had to work with in most. From the looks of things at first glance the current medical staff kept things rather tidy and the technology was state of the art Starfleet Medical.

The Doc would take this evening to review the current medical logs and make sure there is nothing he needed to follow up on. Andrews wasn't really sure what happened with the last Chief Medical Officer, but Starfleet often had reasons for staff change. Korin had also heared great things about the Emergency Medical Hologram updates that had been put out lately, luckily if push came to shove there would be back up.

It wasn't quite time to report in to the Commanding Officer, Korin decided to grab a quick snack and made his way out of the med bay and back into the turbo lift, yet again. "Deck six" he requested and with in seconds emerged to get his snack. The Officers Mess was actually pretty empty, but as Andrews made his way around the ship, he was remembering key places. "Bajoran green salad" he requested and a nice bowl of Bajoran greens and several other vegatables that could be found on New Bajor, along with a small container of dressing appeared.

Korin sat and enjoyed his light meal, that way he could meet the Commanding Officer and get back to sickbay. If everything went as planned he could get in a nice work out before a sonic shower and bed after his first evening aboard the mighty Scorpio


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