USS Scorpio

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Reporting Aboard

Posted on Wed Apr 17th, 2019 @ 8:55pm by Major Jiyoon Wilson

Mission: Episode 5 - Nightmare on Omega Centauri
Location: Transporter Room 2
Timeline: Mission Day 9 - 0800 Hours

The familiar whine of the Transporter cycle ends as a tall, thin man with the Green Departmental shirt of the Starfleet Marines appears on the Transporter Pad. A large container appearing on the pad to the right of the man.

"Major Jiyoon Wilson requesting permission to come aboard." the man says with a sharp salute to the Transporter Officer.

"Permission Granted Major," replies the young Transporter Officer without returning the strange Marine Tradition of the Salute.

Jiyoon turns and touches the controls on the side of the container that traveled with him and it rose slightly on the built-in Anti-Grav field. Checking the PADD attached to his left forearm he takes hold of the container's handle and steps down off the Transporter platform.

"Thank you, Chief," replies Major Wilson as he passes the Transporter Officer and exits out into the Hallway. "Computer, Location Please."

"You are on Deck 3, section 21, Major Wilson. Your assigned quarters are on Deck 8 Section 10. Would you like an indicator line?" replied the soft female voice of the ship's computer.

"No, Thank You. Please proved me an Indicator Line to the Marine Armory," replies Major Wilson and after a few seconds, a pulsing red line appeared on the hallway wall moving to the right.

Major Wilson turns to the right and moves quickly down the hallway with his container following close behind him.


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